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Personal Training

Personal Training sessions with Annette are truly personalized. Your training will begin with an evaluation so that I can learn about your goals, abilities, and challenges.  This includes an assessment to evaluate your muscular function and range of motion, allowing me to design workouts to meet your specific needs. Your training sessions will be designed using the ADAPT training method, which focuses on movement in all directions at every joint.  This will ensure that your training is well-balanced. The ADAPT training method helps prevent injuries that can result from strength, endurance, and/or muscular imbalances.

Partner and Small Group Training sessions are also available. These options provide you with the benefits of working with a Personal Trainer and allow for lower session rates since you are sharing your sessions.

Contact me to schedule your evaluation and training sessions. New clients will need to fill out the Training Forms available at the link below.

5-30 Minute Sessions - $175

(includes free evaluation)

5-55 Minute Sessions - $250

(includes free evaluation)

5-55 Minute Sessions


$175 each person - 2 people

(includes free evaluation)

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