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This is the place to go for joint health and incredibly focused attention.    - Cynthia

If you have joint pain, Annette can probably find exercises that will help you avoid medical intervention (because who wants that!)  - Karen

I recommend The Fitness Studio because Annette is helpful in designing a routine that is appropriate for my particular body and abilities. She is patient and encouraging, but does not hesitate to challenge.  - Carolyn

Annette doesn't just throw a class together. She really cares about our fitness. She is also very knowledgeable about ADAPT and exercises and working out the right and proper way.  - Angie

Annette is what I would call a "Miracle Worker." She knows her stuff. She is very positive and easy to work with. There were times that I could barely get down and up off the floor, and she is so kind and helpful with that. Each session enabled me to get better, and each session I realized I was doing so much better. It was like celebration. YES, we all go to The Fitness Studio for exercise. What we get is constructive support and exercises that are personally designed for each individual.

- Rosemary

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